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Clean Technology

Clear Advantages

Permanent magnet motors and alternators have provided the key enabling technology to a new range of energy applications. These are enabling energy recovery in both automotive and land based systems using Organic Rankine Cycles, Brayton Cycles and classic Heat Pump Cycles. Many of these can be successful using oil lubricated rolling element or hydrodynamic bearings, but some are only possible using process fluid lubrication with gas or liquid phase lubricants

Oil Free Bearings

  • Self acting, hydrodynamic

  • Externally pressurised, hydrostatic

  • Gas/Air/Refrigerant lubrication

  • Gas bearings are ideal for fuel cell tech

Permanent Magnet Drives

  • High speed motor/alternator

  • Drive choice

  • Retention sleeve choice

  • Efficiency and losses

  • Cooling

Finite Element Analyses

  • Finite Element Analyses using ANSYS

  • Structural stress and deformation

  • Heat flow and transfer

  • Rotordynamic and vibration

  • Electromagnetic and rotor loss

  • Non-linear creep plasticity

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Oil Free Turbo Technology
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