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OFTTech provides a wide range of services for the design and prototype manufacture of high speed permanent magnet rotors using oil-free or conventional bearings. Applications include turbo compressors and expanders with alternators or motors. With over 30 years' experience and many successful applications, OFTTech provides unique capabilities


We provide consulting services and analyses for:

  • Permanent magnet alternator/motors, drive choice

  • Rotordynamics, critical speeds, forced response

  • Hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearings

  • Air/gas/refrigerant/oil lubrication

  • Ceramic hybrid ball bearing application

  • Finite element structural, thermal and vibration

  • Experimental verification, test rig set up, instrumentation, analysis, interperetation

Design CAD

Computer Aided Design for:

  • Permanent magnet components

  • Stators and windings

  • Bearing parts

  • Centrifugal compressor and turbine integration

  • General assembly

  • Assistance integrating our designs


 Worldwide supplier database

  • Prototype sourcing

  • Prototype manufacturing

  • Gas bearing finishing, lapping, air gauging

  • Subcontract progress chasing

  • Dynamic balancing 

  • Close collaboration with gas bearing manufacturer FFD Ltd


We provide bespoke numerical analyses for:

  • Permanent magnet alternator/motors

  • Rotordynamics, critical speeds, forced response

  • Hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearings

  • Air/gas/refrigerant lubrication

  • Ceramic hybrid ball bearings

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Specialist Software CAD Capabilities

Bespoke software

Bespoke software

Electro-Magnetic Design. Unique, bespoke software for high speed motor, alternator and generator design

Gas Bearings

Gas Bearings

Spiral groove bearing software for gas/air/refrigerant lubrication

Alfa Trans Software

Alfa Trans Software

Rotordynamic analysis



Synthet-PM is a design software program which has been under continuous development by Martyn Harris and Alex Molyneaux since the early 1990s. It focusses specifically on the design needs for very-high-speed, polyphaser permanent-magnet electrical machines, both generators and motors

Oil Free Turbo Technology
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